Studio/ Fine Art Classes


Welcome to our studio!

We have been teaching and creating with students for over 20 years!

At Art on the Spot, we have a selection of amazing classes For children  ages 6-16yrs, that begin in  September and run till the end of June each school year.

Our traditional art classes meet once a week for 1 hour and are divided by age 

Level 1: 6-8 years old

Level 2: 9-11 years old

Level 3: 12 years old+

Each class includes a variety of learning opportunities for every individual such as:


pen and ink


art markers



sculpture with polymer and earth clays

Subjects will be taught throughout the class year and are student-led so there are no pressured time limits. Every individual is taught to their ability.

Class cost  is  $85  per month.  All  materials  included.

Cost  is  based  on  34  class  meetings  per  year.

($850  divided  by 10 months.)Class meetings  per month may vary due  to  school  vactions  and  holidays

We  have an open enrollment policy.  Students may start or stop when  needed. Enrollment is dependent on availability.

Each year, schedules are posted in August and Registration is held Mid-August.

Stay tuned for the 2020-2021 schedule.  Student  forms  will  be  available  when  registration  starts.