Hello & Welcome

My name is Kara Andrews, Owner and artistic director of Art on the spot studio. I have been creating art my whole life. It’s not just my job, but a part of who I am and its my mission to share this to the best of my ability. This is why after recieving  my MA /Fine Art  teaching degree at BSU, I created Art on the spot studio & entertainment (over 20 years ago.)


Family and Fun is my job

I am very lucky to come from a large family with 18 grandchildren and 22 great grandchildren (including my own children AND grandchildren—and still growing!) We have always known the word fun. Where silliness, playing games and birthdays were almost an everyday occurrence. Working  with all the  personalities in my family proved key in training me  for my current occupation as a teacher and entertainer.


Giving to the Community

Over the years with Art on the spot, I am proud to say we have taken part in many events to help with the needs of the community, including: Birthday wishes, YMCA, Big wishes, Hasbro, relay for life, Amos house, PMC kids bike challenge, Sturdy memorial walk and  big brother-big sister—to name a few. We are so glad to have these long time , on-going relationships!


Working together

We can do events big and small, I am grateful that I have a large network of friends and artists who share my passion to bring happiness and their talent to birthdays and events. We have over 25 years experience in  festivals, Expos, school, sporting events and many more..


More than just paint!

Beyond being an art teacher, a face painter, Animal  balloon and Henna artist. I also enjoy mural painting , character special FX , Costume designing  and body paintIng.  I do take commissions during the Halloween season for Make up and costumes as well , feel free to contact me. 

Shown in the picture is my 1st place costume at an annual Halloween Ball. 


Education & Awards

Quality, beauty and professionalism comes with years of education, practice and experience. All of which you will experience with Art on the spot. I am also a competitive body painter and have traveled the world to compete and take classes and workshops to further my craft in face painting, henna and animal balloons. I have taught at several international conferences —including teen director  at FABAIC  (Face  and  body  art  international  conference)  and  have won many awards for my hard work over the years.

  • CT  EASTERN  CONFERENCE  1ST  PLACE  FP,  2012,  2018